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Team from London, Ontario Heating Contractor My Fireplace Responds to Question “Can Gas Fireplace Operate During a Power Outage?”

December 19, 2012

For Canadians across the country using gas fireplaces in their homes, it’s imperative that the equipment is working optimally in time for those cold January days! Oftentimes during winter, especially in areas with newer development, power outages can occur. Outages happen when systems become overloaded with the local area electricity requirements, leading to black outs for short periods of time. In order to protect their families, homeowners are now asking the question “would my gas fireplace work during a power outage?” In this article, the team from London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace responds to that question.
One of the key points to remember is that if a fireplace has a standing pilot ignition, it will still operate during a power outage. Few people know this about their fireplaces and often assume that their gas systems are inoperable during blackouts. Only when using systems in which the fan requires electricity to run, will homeowners have to seek other means of heat during times where power is lost. Indeed this is one of the many benefits of installing a gas fireplace as opposed to other styles of heating equipment.
One of the main reasons many homeowners are now working with London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace to install gas fireplaces in their homes is because these products can produce heat almost immediately upon starting. There’s simply no better feeling than to come inside during a cold and snowy day and be able to push a button and immediately feel the warm glow of the fireplace. This quick start style of operation simply cannot be achieved with a wood fireplace. And because the fire can be quickly started it can also be quickly turned off! This helps to protect those within the home against the dangers of leaving smoldering fires unattended.
Another advantage to utilizing gas fireplaces is the reduced maintenance challenges. Homes using wood-burning fireplaces often suffer issues related to chimney damage when they are not cared for properly. Low maintenance gas fireplaces can be useful in helping homeowners to save money in the long-term. Aesthetically the home will also look more tidy because there will be no need to stockpile cords of wood.
Gas fireplaces are a great way to stay warm even during periods without electricity. To learn more about the advantages of a gas fireplace for your home this winter, contact the team at London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace today. Expert advice is just a phone call away.