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London, Ontario Heating Contractor My Fireplace Highlights Importance of Proper BTU Sizing for Fireplaces

November 16, 2012

London, Ontario Heating Contractor My Fireplace Highlights Importance of Proper BTU Sizing for Fireplaces

BTU or British Thermal Units are used to measure thermal energy. The calculations show that one BTU is considered the amount of energy required to heat a pound of water by one single degree in Fahrenheit. This means that in order to analyze whether a particular fireplace would heat a room within a house, it’s imperative to understand the BTU sizing for that particular equipment model. To measure the required BTU sizing for a room, it’s imperative to speak with professionals such as those at London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace. Within this article, we’ll focus on several tips from the experts at My Fireplace that will help homeowners to better understand their home heating needs as winter approaches.

The first step in finding the number of BTUs needed for a particular room is to measure the area from every angle. This means that homeowners should know the square footage of the room and find out the height of the ceiling in order to determine what the required number of BTUs is for that area. Next homeowners must find out the room’s volume in cubic feet. In order to do so, multiply the room’s square footage with the rooms ceiling height. This will give a whole number which will determine the room’s measurement in cubic feet.

Next we come to insulation. While this is not an exact science, the level of insulation within the property plays a part in determining the number of BTUs required in heating equipment. Therefore the team at London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace instructs homeowners to give their insulation levels a rating of 2, 3 or 4. The number 2 represents good insulation and the number 4 represents poor insulation.

In order to determine the room’s BTU number, homeowners must now multiply the volume of cubic feet within the room by the room’s insulation rating. This will present them with a final number that will be utilized to determine the BTU number and therefore the type and style of fireplace that they require within that property in order to heat the area optimally. There are also many types of BTU calculators online that will help those with minimal experience in this type of work to streamline the process and easily discover their property’s BTU number.

It’s important to remember that professionals within the industry are the best point-of-reference for selecting the right equipment for a particular style of property. Oftentimes homeowners will come across a particular issue with their property’s system that can only be evaluated with the help of a professional heating contractor such as London Ontario based My Fireplace. So therefore homeowners that combine their own home research in learning about BTU sizing with the advice offered by professionals within the field of heating equipment installation and maintenance are best positioned to make the right choice for their home needs.

Optimal heating solutions can be achieved with some research. By discovering the BTU number for your home, you could end up consolidating your costs and improving the efficiency of your home heating systems.