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What is the difference between single speed versus variable speed furnace blowers

What is the difference between single speed versus variable speed furnace blowers

If you need to have your furnace replaced, it is best to make an informed decision between variable and single speed furnace blowers. Choosing the right furnace blower for your home will effectively heat your home without any unnecessary and potentially costly repairs. Knowing what the difference is between a single speed furnace blower and a variable speed furnace blower will benefit you greatly.

  • Single speed furnace blower:

A single speed furnace blower or one stage furnace has only 1 setting which is set at high. Whenever you run a one stage furnace, it will operate at full capacity the entire time. As this produces a lot of energy, it is not efficient for household use.  Should you choose to use a single speed furnace blower, you need to make sure that your house is properly ventilated as the air quality may become poor due to overheating.

  • Variable speed furnace blower

With a variable speed furnace blower, the furnace operates at different speeds to ensure the air in your home is of perfect temperature. Its state of the art build can constantly monitor and adjust its blower settings to adjust changes in your home that restrict airflows such as ductwork, furnace location, and dirty or faulty filters.  As the furnace runs at different speeds, you will save money on your electricity bills. You can set the furnace to heat rooms in your home differently to make sure each room has just the right amount of heating or cooling. A variable speed furnace blower will provide your home with better air quality, making this furnace a much better choice.

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