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What does zero clearance mean?

June 29, 2016

Gone are the days of masonry as a must. Today, homeowners can enjoy the versatility of adding a fireplace without the pain of requiring a conventional chimney. If you are looking for a great way to add warmth and good-looks to your home then zero clearance is a term you need to understand. Here’s how it works:


Zero clearance means your fireplace has the ability to be enclosed by combustible building materials, like a prefab wall. There is no need for a clearance area between walls, shelves and other structural fixtures. The front area which is usually a sealed door that radiates heat is the only area that needs adequate clearance to combustibles.


Zero clearance fireplaces are sold in kits to be constructed at home. No masonry foundation is required. Installation is faster, more convenient and less expensive. They are not vented through a conventional chimney; instead, an exhaust duct carries smoke and gas through the wall to the outside. This makes them perfect for homes without chimneys. The fireplace can be placed in any room and some can be moved about as well.


It has become so simple to add a fireplace your home, but the reality is that you will still need a professional technician to install your zero clearance fireplace. Zero clearance fireplaces come in a variety of sizes to suit different heating requirements. Make sure you get one that is properly sized for the room it will be placed in so that you can manage your energy bill efficiently.


These modern day fireplaces can burn at up to 70% efficiency, in comparison to the 15% efficiency of a typical masonry fireplace. As a result of efficient combustion, they develop greater heat without the heavy smoke fumes. They have become the smarter choice for modern day living.


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