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Top 10 Fireplace surround ideas

November 30, 2015

Myfireplace have compiled a list of the top 10 fireplace surround ideas for 2015. Here is how you can create a beautiful focal point in your home:

1. Sleek and Modern.

This relates to a minimalistic style. A stainless steel fascia which can easy be placed in a timber framed cavity, creates a streamlined, modern effect. Tie this look in with the rest of the d├ęcor in the room by simply adding a metallic finish here and there.

2. Classic Beauty.

A classic, traditional wooden mantel is always a much-loved choice. Add some paint work around the wooden mantel in a shade like traditional white or cream. As an exciting addition, you can add blackboard section around the mantel piece.

3. Half Wall.

A double sided fireplace is the best design idea. It creates access to the fireplace from both sides of the room and makes for a great focal point. Add wallpaper to the fireplace surround for a top design touch.

4. Tiling.

Tiling a fireplace surround allows for a great number of ideas. The options are endless and a visit to your local tile store will spark many creative ideas.

5. Stone Surround.

For a rustic approach opt for a stone surround. Real stone is always a luxury, but cast stone veneers work just as well and are a cost effective option.

6. Colour Feature.

A colourful fireplace surround makes a bold statement. Think bright, bold colours. Finish the look by adding the same colour throughout the room. Examples such as scatter cushions, lampshades, and ornaments would work well.

7. Upgrade Existing Mantel.

If you have an old, existing fireplace, you have the option of installing a gas fireplace in the existing cavity. It will allow you many design options for your new fireplace.

8. Rustic Steel Surround.

A rustic-look fireplace surround has a wonderful design effect and can work perfectly in farm style or modern homes.

9. Art Feature.

If you boldly decide to have your fireplace at almost eye level to create an art piece of your gas fireplace. After all, flames have always been mesmerising.

10. DIY Design Inspired.

Build shelving that creates triangular divisions on the wall. Fill the centres with pine cones, logs, stones and other appropriate natural materials.

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