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London Ontario Heating Contractor My Fireplace Offering Advice on Fireplace Cleaning

October 04, 2012

London Ontario Heating Contractor My Fireplace Offering Advice on Fireplace Cleaning

In order for heating solutions to work optimally, they must be kept in the requisite condition for use. This isn’t always easy for many people, as often times jobs and personal matters can prevent scheduled maintenance from taking place. But by working with specialists in the field such as London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace, clients can discover the best and most efficient ways to achieving the ideal home heating solution in the long term. The specialists at My Fireplace are now ready to help clients achieve optimal energy efficiency.


My Fireplace has become a recognized specialist heating contractor within the local London, Ontario area due to their leading class industry expertise and the comprehensive nature of their company catalogue. The company works with their clientele to ensure they find the requisite heating and cooling solution for their unique property requirements.

In addition to being specialist suppliers of the latest and most efficiency equipment available industry-wide, the team at My Fireplace can be trusted to provide their clients with expert advice when it comes to equipment maintenance. One question that clients often ask is “What is the best method of cleaning the glass on a fireplace?”

This style of cleaning regimen involves a step-by-step process that must be followed in order to achieve optimal cleaning results. First, it’s imperative to ensure that all heating equipment is unplugged and cool before attempting to utilize any cleaning products. The glass on modern heaters can be extremely hot when the product is on, and any accidental contact could result in a burn.

Unfortunately, when trying to clean glass fireplace doors, ordinary glass cleaners simply won’t do the job. That’s because they cannot cut through the thick layers of soot and dirt that are often found on or behind glass fireplace doors.  However, homeowners can mix household cleaners with an ammonia solution of ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of water in order to ensure optimal maintenance.

The first step within the cleaning process is to open the fireplace doors all the way and place a thick layer of newspapers on the heart beneath them. Then spray the inside of the glass for a few seconds with an orange scented household cleaner until the entire surface area of the glass is coated in the cleaning product. Once the surface has been completely coated, the door should be left for 15 minutes to soak.

Next, wipe down the glass with the ammonia and water mixture using a folded paper towel. The ammonia will help remove the soot build-up quite easily. Then wait 10 minutes and wipe the glass down again using rag or piece of cloth dipped in the ammonia mixture. At this point, most of the remaining oil residue should be cleaned from the surface of the glass.

The final step in the cleaning process is to buff the glass clean with a paper towel, ensuring that any spots of moisture remaining are dry before turning the fireplace back on. Now, homeowners are left with a spotless fireplace area that once again offers a great aesthetic addition to the family home.

London, Ontario heating contractor My Fireplace is the local area leader for all heating and cooling products and maintenance services. For those interested in learning more on the professional methods of cleaning their home equipment, contact the company’s in-house representatives today or visit: www.MyFireplace.ca .