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Importance of Thermal Efficiency Rating by My Fireplace Furnace Repair Company London

November 12, 2012

Leading London Ontario Furnace Repair Company Explain Importance of Thermal Efficiency Rating

An equipment’s thermal efficiency rating is a number used to describe the level of performance it achieves in terms of output compared to the level of energy it requires. It’s a number that millions of homeowners must now pay attention to if they are to consolidate the costs of heating their property utilizing the latest fireplaces and heating solutions. Within this article, London, Ontario furnace repair company My Fireplace is highlighting the importance of the thermal efficiency rating number. We’ll focus on what this number means and how to ensure the ideal equipment is purchased.

For products such as a fireplace, the input is fuel and the output is heat. Therefore the thermal efficiency rating of the fireplace relates to the amount of fuel required product the maximum amount of heat from the equipment. This calculation is not always easy to make and depends on factors such as the style of fireplace and the size of the room. Fortunately for homeowners, companies in Canada now present the fireplace efficiency rating within the manufacturer’s literature that comes with the product. For those who require additional information on how to determine the efficiency of a particular product, it’s important to speak with industry experts such as London, Ontario based furnace repair specialists My Fireplace.

Clients looking to consolidate the cost of utilizing a modern fireplace in the long-term must take the equipment’s thermal efficiency rating into account before they make a purchase decision. The more energy efficient the fireplace, the lower the costs associated with running the product. In addition, a higher efficiency rating translates into fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere by the product. This is often a large selling point for ecologically-conscious consumers.

The level of efficiency achieved with a fireplace is also dependent on the heat levels and efficiency offered by the property’s furnace. Some of the older model furnaces only have efficiency ratings of 50% and less. Whereas newer models of furnace can have efficiency ratings of 90-97%, which means that customers can achieve full value for their money if they decide to upgrade their furnace as well as their fireplace.

What Does AFUE mean?

Many shoppers currently looking around the market for a new model of fireplace will notice the acronym AFUE as they review their different options. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This number works to apply a realistic measurement of useable heat by using real life influences as a measurement tool. A fireplace’s AFUE number is determined by the product’s results in a number of testing categories as well as by measuring the average night-time and day-time temperatures of the product and heat loss due to a standing pilot light or from a cold start up setting. These figures are tabulated to provide an overall heating efficiency rating for the year, which gives consumers a starting point as to how to select the next fireplace for their home.

By speaking with professionals such as the team at London, Ontario furnace repair company My Fireplace, clients can reduce the stress involving in finding high efficiency heating solutions. Consolidate your search and your future costs today by contacting the team at My Fireplace directly.