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How to make sure your fireplace is safe ?

June 15, 2015

Many people across North America and Canada have fireplaces. These luxury items add warmth and coziness during the cool winter months and are a great feature in any home. There are, however, a number of risks that fireplaces pose. In order to keep yourself, your family and your home safe, keep these fireplace safety tips in mind:

Invest in fireplace maintenance

You should invest in fireplace maintenance at least once a year. Both gas and wood burning fireplaces require yearly maintenance in order to work effectively. Chimneys should be inspected and cleared each year by a certified specialist. Burners and controls for gas fireplaces should also be vacuumed and brushed at least once a year.

Check smoke and fire alarms

Smoke and fire alarms should be checked often to ensure they are working properly.

Control the fire

It’s crucial that you keep the fire within the fireplace under control. Smaller fires produce less smoke and are less likely to become unmanageable.

Invest in a fireplace cover

Fireplace covers can play an important role when it comes to keeping a fire under control and preventing an unmanageable fire. When shopping for a fireplace cover, look for a tight fitting screen that will prevent any pieces of wood or fire from escaping. Keep the area around your fireplace free of debris or any other flammable items.

As you can see, there are many easy ways to keep your fireplace safe. If you’re interested in installing a new fireplace, maintaining your existing fireplace or just need some general advice about the upkeep of fireplaces and fireplace safety, then speak to one of our home comfort advisors at My Fireplace. Contact My Fireplace for more information today.