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Choosing the right size Lennox furnace

It is no secret that Lennox furnaces are of the best on the market. If you are looking for a new furnace for your home in London, Ontario, then you will not go wrong when investing in one of these units. Popular Lennox models include the following:

  • SLP98V – known as the most energy efficient furnace on the market the SLP98V can lower your utility costs whilst keeping your home absolutely comfortable. This unit offers up to 98.2% efficiency when compared to standard furnaces.
  • EL296V – these are designed to provide absolute comfort and have an efficiency rating of 96% when compared to standard furnaces. These units used two-thirds less energy than a furnace with a standard motor.

The size of the furnace you buy is quite important. Installing one that is too small means it won’t be able to keep the home comfortable during those extremely cold days and a furnace that is too large will have to cycle on and off more frequently, which of course will put more wear and tear on the components and shorten the lifespan of the unit or make it less efficient in the long run.

How do you choose the right size Lennox furnace for your home? It is important to take on the services of a professional HVAC contractor, who can calculate your heating needs according to industry standard calculations. Factors taken into consideration with these calculations include:

  • Climate.
  • Size of the house as well as its design.
  • The materials used to construct the house.

 My Fireplace offers free in-home consultations

At My Fireplace in London, Ontario, we make the process of choosing the right size Lennox furnace a simple task. We will visit your premises to assess the home and calculate the correct size furnace required. We make use of only certified and experienced technicians so you can rest assured that the calculations will be accurate and that the final furnace installation will be professionally handled.

To learn more about our range of Lennox furnaces and our in-home consultations, contact us at My Fireplace today.