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Can I install a flat screen LCD / LED TV above a gas fireplace?

Having a gas fireplace in your living room will ensure you and your family stay warm during the cold and snowy winter months. To make your home living more comfortable, many people tend to mount a LCD or LED TV right above their gas fireplace as this is becoming an increasingly popular fashion statement.

Mounting a TV screen directly above your gas fireplace has a wide variety of risks that could cost you a fortune. Electronic devices function at their best in low temperatures. As fireplaces generate a huge amount of heat, it can cause the TV to malfunction. If the TV is mounted above the fireplace ensure there is thought given to removal of the heat generated from the fireplace ie fans and or deflectors.

Should your TV be exposed to high temperatures, it can cause the materials within the system to degrade rather quickly. Televisions are designed to generate heatwaves of their own, but when an even higher heat is generated directly under the screen, the system’s lifespan will be shortened.

Apart from that, caution should be taken for neck strain.  Watching television at a higher level could cause your neck to ache or possibly lead to long term damage. It is much better to install the television set at a lower angle to prevent neck stiffness.

It is quite common for houses to have a pre fixture for television mountings right above the fireplace. Although the fixtures are pre-installed, be cautious to make use of the fixture.  It can always be removed.

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